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It’s Conni again, from Art in the Find, and I’d love to share with you a few tricks to wearing stripes! Stripes are one of my very favorite things, and they are on trend this season. I have plenty of favorite things but wearing stripes always ranks pretty high up there style-wise.

SIMPLE RULE #1: Smaller, narrow stripes are a good thing if you’ve got curves

Stripes are tricky … too wide, too long, too high and you’ve got a major uh-oh on your hands. A simple rule that works for stripes: Narrow stripes are a flattering fit for almost anyone. When in doubt, opt for a small, thin stripe.

SIMPLE RULE #2: Play with proportion and color

Think about pairing stripes with a neutral piece or darker colors for a classic, chic look. Stripes will draw attention from the eye, so aim to wear them where you would like the eye to focus (say, the most complementary part of your body, top or bottom).

SIMPLE RULE #3: Vertical vs. horizontal stripes?

Wearing vertical stripes and horizontal stripes can both be achieved if done in moderation. Vertical stripes (up and down) make the eye move from top to bottom and therefore elongate the body, which is good, if the stripes are few and far between. Horizontal stripes cause the eye to move back and forth, so remember rule #1 when wearing horizontal stripes.

Here are some examples for wearing a striped top (my favorite this season!) four ways.

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