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Hello, Dearest

I’ve changed the pack n’ play three times on my baby registry, the highchair twice, and I go back and forth deleting and re-adding the adorable birdie swing. Who knew there would be so much pressure registering for a tiny, new person? I mean, it’s just stuff, right!?!

What do I really need? If I believed the registry checklist on the Babies R’ Us website, I am pretty sure my child’s stuff would require a second mortgage on my home. So I turn to friends and family. Texts at 10pm asking, “Do I really need a special trash can for baby’s room?” and “Too many breast pump options. Should I go with a manual or electric? Single or double?” Last week I got 30 opinions when I asked on Facebook, “Bouncer or baby swing? Which one’s better or do I need both?” (Refer back to the deleting and re-adding of said adorable birdie swing). I’ve also peeked at other expectant mom-friends’ registries to get ideas.

And I’ve turned to trusted resources, looking up cribs, car seats and infant carriers on Consumer Reports to find their best buys (I’m on restricted activity per my OB/GYN so I have some extra time). That’s helped, although once I got the car seat they recommended home, I didn’t care for the quality and made a mom-executive decision to go with another one.

But when it comes down to it, I still feel lost. How will I be a good mom when I can’t even commit to a baby shampoo. What does Johnson & Johnson say about my mothering? Am I better mom if I choose California Baby or Burt’s Bees?

And yet, I know these choices are just the beginning of choices I will have to make as a mom. So, I’m releasing myself from the guilt and pressure, and I’m registering for the things I know my baby will need and a few things that just make me happy. And that’s enough for today.

Just don’t get me started on paint color for my little sweet pea’s room.