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Last week I was sitting at work in my “happy place.” I had a cup of Sweet and Spicy tea in one hand and was about to open my emails that needed some attention with the other hand. I had already eliminated three of the many piles in my cubicle (any other “pilers” out there?). I was so thankful that my girlfriend had volunteered to pick Annie up from kindergarten so I could really get a lot accomplished. I glanced down at my watch and saw 3:27pm. I knew that I should be remembering something, but nothing came to me. I continued working—and then it hit—“GARRISON!” I had forgotten my son! My stomach flipped as I realized that I had arranged for Annie to go home with my friend, but had completely forgottn about arranging something for my 12 year old son, Garrison. I literally threw my hands up, grabbed my cell phone and purse and began running toward the door in a panic!

I frantically dialed my 16 year old daughter, Murphy. She said, “Mom, relax. I’ll go and pick Garrison up!” He would never know that his mommy forgot him! Then it hit—the Bad Mommy Award! How could I? Who forgets to pick up their own child?” My thoughts spiraled and ended with, I wonder how soon he will start dealing with the abandonment issues?

Hello Darling, Welcome to the !

I have plenty of – locking Garrison in the car as an infant—with his car seat undone; locking us out of the house again and again and again; forgetting to send the food items to the Christmas party at school with Taylor in 2nd grade; not ordering a yearbook in time for Murphy in 5th grade—and she didn’t have one on the signing day; or my favorite, leaving the house frustrated and driving just a wee bit too fast and hitting ice on the roundabout in front of our house and taking out the light pole. I am certain you have your list as well.

I’ve made a decision. After this past slight error, I am no longer going to receive anymore self-inflicted Bad Mommy Awards. I have choices with how I can respond to my mistakes. I can offer myself the grace and compassion I often quickly give others, or I can continue condemning myself for not being perfect. In those , I am going to do what I can do to make it right and then move on, recalling all the fabulous things you do as a mom each and every day. Anyone want to join me?

What are your most recent “bad mommy moments” you’re trying to laugh about?