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Traveling south from Nashville, Tennessee, the green hills are lined with white fences. It brings to mind gatherings around farm tables with home-cooked meals. The mood was set as Dalley Galuzzi, Jackie Alvarez and Mandy Arioto drove to meet Leah Sulateskee.

Leah is the host of The Brave Collective in Spring Hill, Tennessee. She has two preschoolers, Avary, 3, and Eli, 2. She works in marketing for the same company where her brother is a VP, and her mother is a customer service representative. Her parents live outside of town in a Civil War-era home, where they grow most of their own vegetables and cell phone reception doesn’t interrupt family meals. Tennessee culture includes deep roots.

We played into the rich family legacy for this Brave Collective by digging out boxes of family china. Some given to Leah for her wedding. Some of it was her mother’s. We even ventured to the basement at the farm to borrow from Nana’s collection.

As we gathered around the dining room table, there was instant camaraderie. I think this happens when everyone is opening up about hopes and dreams. “A Southern girl won’t let you cry alone.” That’s what they say in those parts, and there were tears as several different people added their hopes for brave pursuits.

brave collective nasvhille 3691-2

Our Braves

Kristin: I need to take care of myself, my health specifically. There are some potential health problems I’d like to avoid, remaining healthy for myself and my family, I am going to make it a priority to exercise.

Colleen: My heart is to care for family, friends and those who are hurting, and I often put those needs before my own. I want to take care of myself to be healthy and well first, so that I can continue to help others.

Katie: I tend to get caught up in all of the things that need to be done during the day, and I feel like I miss out on the small joys. My brave is to put life’s daily pleasures in front of life’s daily pressures.

Elaine: Routines are not my forte, but I think my family could benefit greatly if we put some in place. I want to establish some routines (and follow them!).

Lynde: I have focused a great deal of time on being a mom, but I want to use my education and be purposeful in finding my career path.

Leah: I moved back here five years ago, and I haven’t put effort into making friends. It’s easy to adopt my husband’s friends or to make my husband my only friend, but I want to step out and initiate relationships.

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Our Meal

Design inspiration and receipes for our meal in Nashville can be found on the Brave Collective: Nasvhille Pinterest board.

We thought this Brave Collective deserved some good home cookin’.

The Savory

Ham Sliders with a Poppy Seed Glaze
Gouda Grits
Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries

The Sweet

Blackberry Brie Tarts
Minted Fruit Salad
Donut Cake

To Drink

Nutella Hot Cocoa

The Credits

Photography by Jen McDonald of Jen M Photography 

The Photo Album

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