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is a table movement. An acknowledgment that some of the best, most life-giving moments happen around a table. For some reason the act of pulling up chairs around a mesa of wood becomes a sacred endeavor. It is in sharing a meal that hearts are nourished and soul-sisters are born.

is a rallying cry to live in proximity, to widen our circles and be brave together. Maybe your Collective is about being brave enough to invite people over, or maybe it is about making new friends. Perhaps you need to talk about the things God is whispering in your ear and invite others to do the same.

Bravery comes in as many varieties as there are humans to give it life. There is bravery to live more fully. To do less and be more. To face an avoided obstacle. To reconcile. To hold valiantly to hope. To give voice to those who are diminished. To wear proudly a version of ourselves previously hidden. To be kind to ourselves. To listen to our own heart.

is a greater movement of women from across the globe choosing to live into their best. It’s also the women in our own circles we are choosing to journey alongside.

There are many ways to give meaning to , but our ultimate hope is that it will be about creating a deeper sense of being known and cheering each other on toward our next brave thing. is a community of brave women who are determined to show up for one another.

Welcome to the table.


When you Join a Brave Collective you’re joining women everywhere in living into our fullest. There are many ways to get involved – you could host your own Collective, join a local group or follow along as we help launch other Collectives in Denver, NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles.

We’ll be all over the Hello, Darling blogYouTube channel and Pinterest as we highlight women around the country joining the movement into bravery.

We hope you’ll join us.

Host a Brave Collective

We put together a myriad of helpful supplies to host your own Collective of brave women. You only need 3 basic things – 6 months, a couple friends to share the journey and one brave thing to pursue. You’ll find step-by-step guides, inspiration and ideas, downloads and most importantly encouragement.

Brave Collective Host Guide
Brave Collective Conversation Guide
Encouraging Your Brave Collective

One last thing – send an email to to let us know you’re thinking about hosting. We can encourage you, answer questions and send you a copy of the Fall 2014 issue of Hello, Darlingmagazine where we launched .

Join a Brave Collective

When you join a Brave Collective and share your courage it will grow – we promise. You’re committing to pursue one brave thing for 6 months, and to encourage the women in your Collective as they pursue theirs. As you journey into brave pursuits with the women in your Collective, post photos and use #bravecollective so we can all follow along.

Follow the Greater Brave Collective

Women across the US are chosing brave things and committing to encouraging each other. Follow along as we post information about the Collectives we’re helping to launch and on Instagram as individual brave women post photos of their brave pursuits.

Brave Collective: Denver
Brave Collective: NYC
Brave Collective: Nashville
Brave Collective: Los Angeles


Dalley Galuzzi is long known as a filler of hearts and souls. She was an obvious choice when we were looking for someone to help put the dream of women living bravely into reality.

She gave life and legs to this idea and put together Pinterest boards to help you plan your gatherings, but more importantly, she’s available by email to answer questions, provide encouragement and share stories as you join .

Find Dalley at

“We’re here because each of us has something brave on our hearts to pursue,a calling for something more.”
-Dalley Galuzzi

We introduced in the Fall 2014 issue of Hello, Darling magazine. We discuss everything you need to know to host. If you didn’t get a copy of the issue and would like your own, you can purchase a copy in the MOPShop or subscribe to get Hello, Darling in your mailbox every season.

What brave thing do you want to pursue this year?