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Wholeness + Completeness

There is a greeting in many Semitic languages that can be traced back to the same root. The words vary from dialect to dialect – shalom in Hebrew, salaam in Arabic – but the semantics are the same. ­Peace be with you. The root meaning translates to “whole, safe, intact” – implying that to be at peace with others and ourselves requires that we carry alongside us a deep sense of wholeness, completeness and even safeness. What does it mean to be truly at peace with ourselves? And if we were to truly be at peace within our own beings, how radically could that change the world around us? In a season in which we talk a lot about peace, yet often find ourselves living in chaos, we are going to take a closer look at what peace – in the sense of the words shalom and salaam – looks like. And how it might transform our understanding of how we move through the world.

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