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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… I would have to agree! There is no other time that brings out the goodness of people more than Christmas. There is no other time that gives you so much opportunity to teach your children about giving, kindness and how to truly live a beautiful life. And there is no better time to really spend time with your family and make memories. I know that many of my fondest memories from growing up are centered around our holiday traditions and the things we enjoyed together as a family. Now as my kids are becoming old enough to enjoy the magic of Christmas, we are having so much fun creating our own traditions and enjoying all of the special opportunities for togetherness and memories that Christmas brings.

This year we put together a Christmas Bucket list so that our family could make all of these traditions even more fun by checking the list off one by one and seeing how many we can get done before the holidays end! We would love you to join us in this tradition by printing out the list and doing it with your family. We will be posting our pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #TPMChristmasBucketList. Post and tag yours too to share them with us and join in the fun!

Download your 2013

What’s on your Christmas bucket list for this year?

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