MOMCON is nearly SOLD OUT! Get your ticket before they are gone!

This morning, I found myself on the wrong side of the law, and lacking the necessary documentation to back up my right to be behind the wheel of my car. That’s right, ladies – I started my morning with a friendly chat with a local policeman.

Singing along with the radio and ignoring the speedometer? Check.

Pulling over at the sight of flashing lights? Check.

I dutifully handed over my insurance and registration and realized with dismay that my wallet – and more importantly my driver’s license – were sitting on the kitchen counter at home. Darn that online pizza order! Why didn’t I remember to put my wallet back in my purse?

Hello, darling. Won’t you join me for a blue light special?

Police officers are largely not impressed with your lack of a driver’s license, in my experience. Also not impressive? He had to hand me a pen to sign the unsigned registration form for my car.
Worse still? My proof of insurance expired last month. Mind you – my vehicle is insured. But I didn’t have the little blue square of paper on hand to prove it.

While the man in blue ran my plates and considered my lack of appropriate paperwork back in the squad car, I considered how overwhelmed I am with my current life circumstances – certainly a factor in my lack of preparedness in this moment.

I work my family in around the forty hours I contribute at the office. I try to wash just enough laundry to keep us all in clean socks and undies, and just enough dishes to make sure we’ve all got cereal bowls in the morning – and spoons to go with. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t remember the last time my husband and I had a date night, so I’m not managing to work him into my priority list at all. And as for me? ‘Me time’ is dictated by the IV drug treatment I receive once a month for MS – my guilt free day off every 4 weeks.

Today, however, is not my day. Today belongs to Officer Calhoun.

“Ma’am – I’d like you to slow down and pay a little more attention, please.” This advice is more valuable than he could ever know, and I plan to do my best to take it to heart on, and off the road.

And officer? Thank you for letting me off with a warning.

How about you? What are you not doing to care for yourself?