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What is it that makes your heart flutter? What activity swallows you up so intently with pure bliss, that you lose track of time? What if rest looked like doing the things that restored you the most?

Spring is a season of new life, new growth and new beginnings. A time to put intention toward the things that truly give you life – that put a sparkle in your eye and wonder in your heart.

We know. Embracing rest seems like the dangling carrot at the end of the fun house hallway that keeps growing longer and longer. It’s just one more thing to do.

But we want to encourage you in a new way. Embracing rest is more than just a couple more hours of sleep (although we know that is precious) or a little peace and quiet. It is embracing the practices that bring us life, that make our face hurt from smiling, that sing to our hearts.

Our spring issue of the magazine is brimming with stories, wisdom and inspiration around reawakening the true rest of the soul. (Email us at if you didn’t get it!) Now we’re going to practice this together, as women bound together through the experience of motherhood, knowing that feeding our souls is just as important as feeding our children.

Sometimes to embrace rest means creating capacity for us to show up and receive. Sometimes it means doing the things that make us most alive. Sometimes that means trying to figure out what it is that makes most alive. We’ll be posting prompts over on the Hello, Dearest Instagram (follow us if you don’t already!) and hope you’ll join us by documenting your journey and sharing with our hashtag #embracerest.