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I love to cook. But when I say that I don’t mean I love to spend hours and hours in the kitchen slaving away at the stove. But I do love when I can find a versatile recipe that can go from casual to formal and that is as simple as it is delicious!

are perfect for this! They are so simple to make and they can look fancy on display at a baby shower or bridal brunch, and will get gobbled up for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! We love these sandwiches, and even though there is not much magic in making them, I hope it gives you a fun idea for serving at your next event or just for dinner this week!

The ingredients for this sandwich are simple. Chicken, a hearty lettuce, Caesar dressing and bread. I like to use rotisserie chicken because it is super simple, and the rich, flavorful taste really compliments the sandwich. For lettuce, I prefer romaine but any hearty green will work. I always use a creamy Caesar dressing. It works well for the sandwiches because the vinaigrette style Caesar’s tend to make the bread soggier. Lastly, I think the best bread to use is your favorite crusty bread. A baguette, a French or Italian loaf, or whatever you prefer will work!
I make these sandwiches two ways, one as a traditional sandwich as pictured above, by slicing the bread, spreading it with dressing and layering the chicken and lettuce onto the sandwich.

Or, often when I am serving these for a group, I will serve by preparing the lettuce, chicken and dressing as a tossed salad and then split a loaf horizontally down the middle and piling the salad high inside. You can then cut thin slices of the sandwich and secure with toothpicks. I like this option for groups because can give the option of smaller portions.

So there you have it… One sandwich two ways! It’s an easy weeknight meal and a fancy filler for a party. Enjoy!


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