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My four-year-old daughter happens to be the biggest fan of me doing the Brave Collective. No, really.

She found a shirt with a feather on it and wears it every time I have a Brave Collective. She sits by me while I work on Pinterest boards or while I answer emails and she draws (read: plays drawing games on my phone), stopping to ask questions (Mommy, can I be in your Brave Collective when I grow up?) or give her opinion (More glitter is best!). She is always there with a kind word and a hug.

It was the hour before I was to launch the New York Brave Collective, and I received a text. The camera crew gathered around as I tried, in vain, to keep the tears at bay as I watched a short clip my husband recorded of my daughter. We all oohed and aahed as a tiny voice cheered “Mommy, be brave!” Her curls bounce as she smiled to the camera, sending a clear message to her mother, far away. I want you to know, right now, that I am proud of you and happy about what you are doing.

She just gets it. By ‘it,’ I mean laying aside yourself to encourage the people who matter to you. I feel I’m too adult to really get what she already knows. My hard stuff: my overly talkative nature, my inability to make time, my selfishness, my awkwardness (I don’t mind telling you I have it in spades) make me believe I have nothing to give. But all of my struggles pale in comparison to the goodness of being present and being a force of cheer.

I know the Brave Collective has given me a great opportunity to really try to be present and positive in women’s lives.

Let me share some ways my Brave Collective is trying to be a voice of encouragement in each other’s lives.

  1. Go online and cheer.
    Get on GroupMe, Facebook, Email and talk, talk, talk. Ask women specifically about how they are doing and say something positive and meaningful in a social place. It is an easy tool!
  2. Be vulnerable.
    It might seem like sharing is selfish, but it isn’t. This gives women the go-ahead they can also talk about how they are doing. Everyone is encouraged by our ups and downs!
  3. Think it, say it.
    If you ever think something nice about a fellow Brave lady, say it! Hearing nice things helps to battle the inner meanie we women are always trying to overcome.
  4. Be a good listener.
    Shutting down the internal monologue is next to impossible, but we all deserve to truly be heard.
  5. Remind why.
    When the journey is long and hard, it helps to remind your fellow Brave women why they are working at this. They had a goal in mind and it’s worth the pain to achieve it!
  6. Be thankful.
    Having amazing women show up in your life and others deserves the most heartfelt gratitude. There’s something uplifting about someone being glad you are there, no matter what state you might be in.
  7. Check in.
    Be a voice of encouragement once a week with a question or a positive message. Sometimes a quote or thought you happen to love might lift someone else up.

Recently, my daughter wrote a note to my dear friend and Brave Collective mastermind, Jackie Alvarez. In it she wrote this sentence, ‘Jackie the power of the Brave Collective is just friendship.’

How do you encourage your friends?

Dalley Galuzz is long known as a filler of hearts and souls. She was an obvious choice when we were looking for someone to help put the dream of women living bravely into reality.

She gave life and legs to this idea and put together Pinterest boards to help you plan your gatherings, but more importantly, she’s available by email to answer questions, provide encouragement and share stories as you join The Brave Collective.

When you join a Brave Collective you’re joining women everywhere in living into our fullest. There are many ways to get involved – you could host your own Collective, join a local group or follow along as we help launch other Collectives in Denver, NYCNashville and Los Angeles.

We’ll be all over the Hello, Darling blogYouTube channel and Pinterest as we highlight women around the country joining the movement into bravery.

We hope you’ll join us.