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Hello, Dearest …

My big girl turned five this week. While I watched her eyes light up as she opened her birthday gifts, I thought about all of the gifts she has given me in the five years + gestation we’ve been together.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Thank you for asking me for a “joke night” at bedtime. You laugh at, “How do you make a Kleenex dance?”* every single time. Maybe I should take this act on the road!

Thank you for sharing your Orange Mango Burst detangling shampoo. It smells amazing!

You have an eagle eye for bugs and we have to keep walking until you’ve tried to capture them all. Thank you for reminding me of me as a kid.

Sometimes you are really sweet to your little brother. Thank you for loving him even though he copies you and steals your toys. He loves you, too.

Thank you for getting yourself dressed in the morning. I’m so proud of you. And I like the radical fashion choices you sometimes make.

You know who The Beatles are and that’s cool! Thank you for listening when Daddy told you about his favorite band.

Last week you said, “When I licked my hands today, they tasted like toad.” I’m still laughing about that one.

You eat blueberries. And broccoli. And green beans. You eat spinach. I could go on and on. You don’t eat everything, but you’ll try anything once. Thank you for disproving the theory that all kids are picky eaters.

You sing (loudly) like nobody’s listening in the back seat of the car, and you sound like an eighties rocker chick. I don’t know where you got that from, but I love it! I’d buy tickets to your show.

In honor of my best girl’s birthday, I’d like to give one of YOU, our darling readers, a free MOPS International Membership for 2013-14! Tell us in the comments below about one of your favorite “gifts” from your child{ren}. One lucky gal will be drawn randomly – we’ll contact you via email.

*You put a little boogie in it.