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I really had no idea how easy it is to make your own guacamole and it’s so much more natural and fresh than buying the stuff. This is my new favorite summer snack!



  1. Cut avocados in half and twist to separate. Spoon out insides into a bowl.
  2. Dice the avocados in the bowl, using a sharp knife. Add salsa, garlic salt, cumin and lime juice.
  3. Serve with salted tortilla chips.

Tip: Cover the avocados with lime as quickly as possible to prevent guacamole from turning brown. Wrap tightly to store.

Serves: 4

Angela Gast isa modern, working mom who never dreamedshe would find joy in the kitchen. Sometimesshe finds more frustrations and smoke explosions than joy, but that’s why kitchens have exhaust fans. It’s been a challenge learning to cook for a family while raising toddlers and holding down a full time job. So, herblogis about capturing successes. It keeps her motivated and feels good to share her vetted recipes with others who may be in the same shoes.