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Life hacks are genius ideas that someone started, and now the internet is kind enough to share with everyone. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite lifehacks to help make moms lives easy(er).

Put that under-cabinet or over-sink to use with a rod and a few hooks. Hang frequently used utensils and dishes, and make sure to add that super cute serving spoon you received as a gift and don’t get to admire enough.



Put a lazy susan in the fridge! Don’t let the back of your fridge become a food graveyard. Put condiments or snack choices on the lazy susan so kids can pick from anything they can spin and see.

Poke holes in the lid of an old milk jug to turn it into a spill-minimum watering can.

Put old newspaper or junk mail at the bottom of your trash to absorb any stray liquids.

To clean your blender post smoothies or milkshake, put a little water and dish soap in the blender and fire her up for a minute. Rinse with warm water.



A frozen, saturated sponge in a bag makes an ice pack that won’t drip all over when it melts.

Take a photo of electronic cables before you move. It will save a lot of time when settling in after moving. (And we all know, you’ll need the extra time a movie will buy you to get the kid(s)’ beds put together.)

Maximize space by gluing magnets onto the backs of empty tins to hold pens and other household items.

Stuff newspaper into your shoes to absorb moisture and smells between wears.

Fix a stuck zipper with graphite to loosen the zipper if it keeps getting stuck.

Make room in kitchen cabinets by hanging kitchen items on a peg board.

Organize your papers and declutter your desk by using a vertical magazine rack.

Turn an old baby crib into a kid’s desk with a few adjustments and a little paint.



Keep your bathrobe on in the morning after you get dressed to protect against last minute messes that will require last minute wardrobe changes.



To reseal brown sugar, cover the end with foil and then use a hot iron to melt the plastic inside.

Store ready-to-blend smoothie packs in zipper top bags in the freezer for easy morning breakfasting.

We’d like to compile a second list with YOUR favorites. What’s your most mom-approved, life-improving life hack?