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Any child would love to have this accent in his or her room for reading books, playing games or hanging out with friends. Comfortable for one, but roomy enough for two, the Hexie Pouf is the perfect floor pillow for kids of all ages. Plus, the removable cover makes for easy washing and long-term use.


Finished dimensions— 24″ x 28″ x 4″
Seam allowance — “ unless otherwise specified

2. Assemble the rhombuses into hexagons

Pin two rhombus pieces together, right sides facing and aligning all raw edges. Stitch together along one side, stopping ” from the edge at the obtuse angled corner. Open layers and press seam open.

With right sides facing, attach a third piece to these two, stopping “ from the raw edge where all three pieces meet. Press seams open. This makes the top hexagon.

Repeat with remaining three rhombuses to form the bottom hexagon.

3. Attach pompom trim and side panel

With right sides facing and raw edges aligned, baste the pompom trim to one edge of the hexagon with an edgestitch.

Pin the side panels together, right sides facing, and stitch along one short end. Press seamopen.

Measure the perimeter of the pieced hexagons; this should be approximately 87″. Trim the pieced side panel to match the length of the hexagon perimeter, plus 1″ for seam allowance.

Pin the side panels together again, right sides facing, and stitch the open short end to form a ring.

Press seam open.

Pin the side panel to the top hexagon, right sides facing and raw edges aligned. Stitch on all sides, pivoting at the corners. Press seam down toward the side panel.

Repeat to attach side panel to the bottom hexagon, leaving one 15″ side open for zipper installation.

4. Insert the zipper

Install the zipper following manufacturer’s instructions. Clip corners and turn the pouf right side out, pushing out corners.

5. Cut and add the foam

Using the completed pouf as a template, cut upholstery foam and batting to fit. Insert foam into pouf, rolling or folding as needed to insert into opening. Insert each batting into pouf, on either side of the foam, taking care to flatten and smooth batting fully. Close the zipper to complete the pouf.

Excerpted from Little One-Yard Wonders (c) by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, photography (c) by Julie Toy, illustrations by Missy Shepler, used with permission from Storey Publishing.

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