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Good things come in small packages. Even when it comes to fashion. Don’t think for a moment that just because you are petite you can’t dress to deliver a wallop of style. The trick is finding the right clothes for your body. Here, some of my time-tested tips for outfitting a petite frame.

  1. The petite section might be for you if your height is 5’5” or shorter.
  1. If your length comes from your legs, and not from your short torso, then you may be able to shop petite tops even if you are taller than 5’5’’. Long torso, shorter legs? Try out petite-sized pants.
  1. Shorter than 5’4”? Plan to shop in the petite section every time. You will be far more likely to find a fit that is made for your size.
  1. V-neck tops or scoop tops make you longer and leaner as they draw the eye down. This is another good bet with those of us with short torsos.
  1. Be aware of pattern size; large patterns on a petite woman can appear overwhelming. Look for smaller patterns, better proportioned to your size.
  1. Extra fabric can create a very bulky look ­– also overwhelming on a shorter stature! Choose sleek pieces that fit your body just right. Ponte knit is a great fabric for providing some comfortable give without being clingy.
  1. Buy quality pieces and find a good tailor to help you get the best fit if off-the-rack doesn’t cut it for your body. The money you spend on higher quality and alterations comes back time and again with clothes you can and will want to wear for much longer.
  1. Because it is a specialty size, items in the petites section can often go on deep discount to move inventory. If you can make petites work for you in any way, check these racks frequently for great deals.

Growing up in a small northern Minnesota town, Ashley Lundgren has always had one very unique gift, helping others find great style! Along her journey she attended Crown College and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising through Westwood College of Colorado. During this time, she met and married a wonderful business owner, Dane Lundgren, They currently have two darling children, a daughter and infant son! You can follow Ashley on Facebook or visit her at