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Christmas is over, and we are on the cusp of a new year. I have never been one for resolutions around the New Year. Maybe it is having a New Year’s Day birthday. Or maybe it is my failed perfectionism, and how I would rather not do something I could potentially fail at or not complete. But I still love the freshness of a new year and all the hope and promise it holds.

Often my mental state is impacted by my physical state, so I like to use the week between Christmas and New Year’s to clean my closet of all the clothes that don’t fit, I don’t like or make me feel self-conscious. Sometimes there are pieces I still love, but they look worn or fit a little strange. Here is how I have made over some great clothing pieces without breaking the bank.

1. Dye your basics back to vibrant.

Do you have a black dress or a navy sweater you absolutely love but has faded with time? It is nothing a $3.00 bottle of dye won’t return back to a rich color to keep enjoying that basic piece. I prefer to dye clothes in a washing machine as it allows me to start something and go onto other tasks. Just remember when you are finished to run an empty load with bleach.

2. Dye an outdated or thrift store piece a fun new color.

Sometimes I just get tired of a piece, and a change of color makes it seem brand new. It is a fun and inexpensive way I can update my wardrobe. Keep in mind, any stains will still show on a dyed article of clothing. For brighter colors, the liquid dye seems to have a deeper color. Sometimes I will use two bottles if I especially want a color to pop.

3. Turn your jeans with holes in the knees into a pencil skirt.

When my jeans get old and start to wear at the knees, I love to turn them into a pencil skirt. It is a quick and easy change. You can alsodye it to return some vibrancy to the color.

4. Be willing to do some alterations.

Have you ever found a piece you love, but it doesn’t quite fit right? A too long pair of pants or a too big dress can make you feel frumpy when you wear it. If you love the piece, consider having it altered. I like to do a lot of alterations myself, but I also found a seamstress I loved for more complicated alterations. A few small changes can make you feel like a million bucks.

What is your favorite online tutorial? Post in the comments section below.