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Must be cute. Must be functional. Must be cheap. Must be doable by all skill levels. Must be quick. Here’s a craft that meets all of the musts.

I seem to keep myself busy (admittedly, a little too busy) coming up with crafts that meet all these musts. Between my blog over at The Pinning Mama and serving as Creative Activities leader for my MOPS group, I look through a lot of craft ideas. (And I mean a LOT.) Today’s craft is one we’re doing at my MOPS group this year and meets every single one of the musts.

We put a significant focus on service this year in my MOPS group so this craft was an easy pick because it’s about helping kids serve others. Little ones can draw a stick with a service project listed on it, and then at some point in the day you perform the task. It’s as fun and as simple as that!

The service sticks craft is simple to make and will look cute no matter where you chose to store it! Add this to the mix for Creative Activity time or do for yourself during a naptime.

For this project you will need:


  1. First find an empty vegetable or soup can. Clean the can and make sure there are no sharp edges left from the lid.
  2. Cut a small square of your scrapbooking paper. I used black to give a chalkboard effect.
  3. Cut a slightly larger square out of your contrasting paper.
  4. Stamp your design on to the front piece of card stock.
  5. Use the glue gun to attach the burlap to the can, and then glue the papers together and attach them to the burlap.
  6. Write a service idea with the marker onto each stick.
  7. If you have multiple ages of kids, you can paint or color the ends of the sticks to color code them for older or younger kids
  8. Add the sticks to the can and volia!

I have been loving this craft since I made it. Then it dawned on me that there are so many other ways that I could expand this craft. You could use the sticks for random acts of kindness, for chores, or even for a table conversation starter game! What other ideas would you use this craft for?

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