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At the beginning of each new year, approximately 50% of the population makes resolutions. Among the top resolutions each year are weight loss, exercise, quitting smoking, better money management, and debt reduction (Journal of Clinical Psychology). However, only 8% of those people that make a resolution, keep that commitment to themselves (

If you are pretty far underwater, saying you want to get out of debt and manage your money better is a really big resolutions. You may have better luck if you approach your New Year’s resolutions thinking about patching small holes in your big picture.

Here are some strategies for thinking about some common resolutions made each year:

If Your Resolution is About More Time

Many of us wish we had more time. Time for our family. Time to give back. Time to do nothing. If your resolution is more time, here are some factors you may want to keep in mind.

If Your Resolution Has To Do With Money

We already know “money management” is one of the top resolutions each year. But where do you even starter?

If Your Resolution Has To Do With Wellness

Maybe you’d like to lose 10 pounds and start exercising every day; to go to church more and wake up every morning grateful; and to feel at peace each night about the decisions you are making with our money. Our physical, spiritual, and financial wellness all work together to make us feel balanced… or out of balance.

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