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A mother of young children is unlikely to describe her home as peaceful. Certainly lively, hopefully joyful, but not usually peaceful. And yet attaining a spirit of peace in the home is incredibly important and powerful; it can transform not only the spirit of your family, but the whole world. The family is the birthplace of peace. I don’t mean merely tranquility (although a little of that is nice every once in a while too), but the kind of peace that comes from a sense of belonging and safety.  One small and practical way that we have captured this kind of peace in our home is through shared rituals like daily tea time. It forces us to slow down, make time and come together. The careful choosing of the tea and the mug, the steam from the kettle, and the slow sipping of the warm drink creates a sense of calm. This shared participation in a common experience creates a sense of belonging important to everyone, but especially to children.  We can carry this peace into our day, and when our children are grown, they can carry it into the world.

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Noel Miller is a stay-at-home mother, writer and photographer. She was born and raised in Chicagoland where she lives with her husband and their three little ones (ages baby to five). She writes about faith, family, and home at