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My husband is a fabulous gift-giver. It’s one of my favorite things about him. When it comes to birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas and other gift-giving occasions, I know that whatever he gets me is going to knock my socks off. Sometimes it’s handwritten notes or flowers, but one year he bought me a penguin. Well, not my own penguin. But he sponsored one in my name at the zoo. (I LOVE penguins!)

This year it was a surprise trip to Florida. (FLORIDA!) He even kept it a complete surprise until we were at the airport. Like I said, he’s a good gift giver. He amazes me over and over.

But the best part is never the actual gift, no matter how great it is. The BEST part is always the look on his face. He is every bit as excited as I am, maybe more. He loves to give gifts.

And now… now, he has passed that along to one of our children.

Every day when the kids get off the bus, Lamb comes in first. We catch up a little, go over the papers in her backpack, get started on the snack… and then Monkey comes in. Always a few minutes behind. And always, ALWAYS bearing a gift. Sometimes it is a dandelion, sometimes a clover, sometimes a leaf, often it is a rock. But every single time, it is given with a look of complete and utter love. THAT is the gift.

My heart has been stolen, not by this rock, but by the hand holding it.