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Hallelujah, its leggings season. The modern mom’s go-to fashion for play time, nap time, chasing after little legs, and early morning school drop-offs. Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable?  Here are a few of my favorite guidelines for how to wear leggings – whether you are knocking out errands or glamming it up for a hot date with the hubs. If you haven’t taken the leggings plunge yet, these tips might just be enough to push you over the edge.

Cover your caboose.

Leggings are like a second skin, and you don’t want every little lump and bump exposed in your day-to day-apparel. Additionally, they can sometimes be a bit see-through. I think we all get the picture here, right? To make sure you’re good to go, put your leggings on and check out how they look over your bent knee. If you can see skin there, chances are you can in the back too.

Mom uniform 1

Have fun.

Branch out and play with patterned leggings in fun colors. If you are apprehensive about a bold pattern, choose leggings that have a dark monochromatic pattern with very little contrasting color. Hint: the right pattern can actually make your legs appear longer and leaner.

Change up your shoes.

Change your look just by pairing leggings with different types of shoes. Ballet flats and a tailored buttoned-down tunic say refined beauty, while heeled booties with a short dress and jean jacket add a little edge. Sandals, tall boots, tennis shoes … the sky is the limit.

Mom uniform 3

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