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You don’t have to look far to see weight issues and degenerative diseases like Type 2 diabetes afflicting families everywhere. It’s no longer just adults who are suffering, but now, children are diagnosed with these same ailments at an alarming rate. These health epidemics won’t be solved in the doctor’s office; they have to be fixed where they started from: our homes and around our tables.

You and your family can gain health and trim down without losing your mind! The family-friendly, quick and flavorful skillet meals, casseroles, crockpot meals, stews and soups, salads and, let’s not forget, desserts, are all in our new book, Trim Healthy Table. These meals are going to bless your pants off, literally. Our tricks, tips and tweaks takes the meals your family already loves (the very ones that were exploding your waistline) and makes them healthy.

Just a few years ago, we wrote Trim Healthy Mama. We never would have guessed the incredible response from so many women. They felt “done” with diets and yearned for a doable way of long-term eating success rather than short-term and extreme results. Trim Healthy Mama became a grassroots movement and currently is close to a million people who have slimmed down, gained better health and embraced eating this way.

If you are new to this whole Trim Healthy Mama thing, perhaps you’re thinking this is impossible. You’ve tried “healthy” in the past only to give up and gain the weight back (and more). You’ve got a feeling that dragging your whole family along for the ride will make that sort of repeat failure all the more miserable. Most of all, you get hungry and don’t want to feel deprived!

The recipes in Trim Healthy Table are sneaky in the most beautiful ways. We have a unique ability to hide veggies and other healing ingredients in undetectable, delicious ways so everyone around your table will enjoy.

Attaining a healthier, trimmer body is not just a gift to yourself; it sets a legacy for your children to follow. Your children need the healthiest and most vibrant “you” in their lives. Yes, absolutely do this for yourself, but also do it for “them.”

Whether you are a Trim Healthy Mama veteran or a newbie to this lifestyle, we couldn’t be more excited to share with you over 300 all-new family friendly recipes in Trim Healthy Table.

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