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Writer Gertrud von Le Fort said, “Man signifies the eternal value of the moment; woman, the unending sequence of the generations. Man is the rock upon which the times rest; woman is the stream that bears them onward.” Because of the shared experience of motherhood, we have a unique connection to generations past, and our very biology tells the story of our connection to future generations: while still inside our mother’s body, each of us already had within us our lifetime of eggs.  The momentum is most certainly onward! But as I raise my daughter I want her to feel connected to the women who came before her, because she can’t make sense of who she is or where she’s going until she knows where she came from.

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Noel Miller is a stay-at-home mother, writer and photographer. She was born and raised in Chicagoland where she lives with her husband and their three little ones (ages baby to five). She writes about faith, family, and home at