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Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise. Maya Angelou “Still I Rise,” from And Still I Rise: A Book of Poems (1978)

It is with pleasure that I share my heart concerning Black History month. For both me and my family, it isn’t just a month set aside to celebrate black heroes who have died, suffered, overcame and surrendered their lives. It comes with a reality that because they sacrificed their lives, my family and I can live ours. Black History is much bigger than a 28-day celebration; it is a combination of tragedy and triumph with battles lost but many that were won. It is not only a time to reminisce, but to recommit our hopes and dreams as a people.

As I look over our history, I am overjoyed to know that there were women who were silent, yet strong, who raised their children with dignity even when they were disgraced; women who stayed seated because they stood for something; women who shared their hearts and triumphs through word, dance and song. Our history is rich because our men worked tirelessly, even though they were degraded as men. They swallowed their pride and took positions of humility so their families could live. I am honored to be a strong, confident, intelligent, gifted, Godly black woman who comes from a rich inheritance of champions who spoke up for me.

My husband and I impart God’s truth into our son and daughter’s lives, and we are intentional about sharing our history as a people. We don’t allow society to put labels on our children; we are shaping their identity through God’s word and the many stories of our ancestors. I have a responsibility to carry on in the spirit and good work of our ancestors: speaking up for my rights, sharing my heart because it matters, writing because I have something to say, and loving because Christ died for all. I am determined to be the dream and hope of slaves who endured, so that we could live free!

As a black mother raising black children, I am realizing that society will not always see my children as I do; they will not treat my children as I do. My children’s understanding of who they are is more than essential, it is a matter of life or death. They must understand that they are just as important, just as intelligent and just as deserving as others are, even in the midst of bigotry, hatred or ignorance. Each time my children pass a school test, ace a homework assignment, or speak up for their rights, they are creating history. Just like the great champions like those in the past who many of us adore and admire, they, too will be counted among the great champions.

I confidently say that we have a successful history, and an even better future because of those who came before us.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”
– Booker T. Washington

Sparkle Robinson HeadshotSparkle Robinson– is Married to Thomas L. Robinson III and together they have two beautiful blessings (a boy & a girl.) Sparkle is an ordained Minister of the Gospel, she is a powerful mouth piece for God, speaking boldly into the lives of others, for at least 15 years.  Her relationship with CHRIST is priority in her life, and without Him she knows she is very limited.  Sparkle is the Owner of a small business called Destiny Connections, Inc. a business dedicated to Consulting, Event Planning and Marketing.  Destiny Connections slogan is “Connecting You to Your Destiny is Our Business.” Sparkle Robinson’s background is radio production, writing, voicing and hosting.  She is also the founder of a community wide women’s ministry My Girlfriends Living Room. An unconventional approach to women’s ministry that empowers women from all over to “Go For their God-given Destiny!”  Sparkle is also an employee of MOPS International, reaching out to women all over the globe and empowering them to lead MOPS Groups. As you can see Sparkle is very busy impacting the Kingdom of God in every area possible. Sparkle strives daily to live out her name and bring out the shine in others! Sparkle continues… “To Go for her God given Destiny!”