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In Full Bloom

Something amazing, miraculous and beautiful happens when we find the freedom to be our truest selves in the world. It’s as though we’ve watched one of those time-lapse videos of a flower in bloom; we are absolutely mesmerized by the process of the petals opening up but yearn for the final product. It’s tender and vulnerable and powerful – all at the same time.

This year at MOPS as we’re journeying into brave things, and to answering those quiet callings from deep in our heart, we’re taking steps forward into full bloom.

It’s all the good feels.

Except it’s not as easy to do as it is to talk about. That’s why Hello, Darling is going to walk the journey alongside you this year. In the Winter 2015 issue of the magazine we want to talk about identity, authenticity, courage and bravery. Where do we start? How do we find our truest self? Why does it feel so scary? How can we do it together?

We’re collecting articles for this issue of the magazine, and the turnaround is going to be fast! But we hope you’ll play along and send us your thoughts, so together we can continue to carry the anthem to: Be you, Bravely.

We’ll use as many articles as we can in the magazine, and keep articles on file to use for the blog since we use themes from the magazine for our online journal.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, November 2, 2014

We have a list of article ideas here. We need both story-based, inspirational stories and practical how-to articles, so be creative in how you tackle these subjects.

How to Submit
To add your voice to the conversation on In Full Bloom, send your submission

Submission Information
For more information about the tone of our materials and our submission process go (Insider hint: We take these very seriously, so it’s important you take a peek before submitting.)

Submission Process
Just so you know, all articles are received on speculation. We will respond to all submissions when they are received to confirm submission and obtain submission agreement. If your article is selected for publishing, we will email you in advance with the date we will be publishing and the permalink.

And Since You Always Ask
Yes, you may send material that has been previously published. Just make sure it meets our editorial needs first. Because, again, we take those writer’s guidelines pretty seriously.

What do you want to write or read about most from this list?