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Hello Mama,

Have you been able to embrace a slower schedule and savor poolside conversations, or has your summer schedule accelerated to a breakneck speed and frantic text messages coordinating kiddos from one activity to the next? A mom friend and I recently had a conversation where we realized that at the end of some days, we hadn’t even looked our kids in the eyes because we’d been running around so much.

It reminds me of another crazy season of motherhood – when I had babies and toddlers: sleepless nights, leaking nursing breasts and nap schedules. I have to remind myself that this is just another season of busy and I don’t want to miss any of it on the account of wishing it away. Like the first crazy season that felt like it would never end, it finally did.

I’m in a new season of sports camps, dance classes and sleepovers. Although this new crazy doesn’t feel short-lived, I do know that this busy will soon retire to independent teenagers with driver’s licenses and my days of chauffeuring will not only be over, but highly discouraged.

If you’re feeling the crunch of the endless back and forth this summer, embrace this season knowing that it too won’t last forever, even if you have to close your eyes and clench your fists through it at times. However, if you have found that sweet poolside spot this summer, wave to us mamas racing by in our cars to the next activity. You might just help remind us there’s a calmer season on the horizon.


Jinny + The MOPS Magazine Team

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