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Hello Mama,

Autumn has officially been ushered in with all things pumpkin-spice running rampant, school routines settling down, and library story times resuming. If we’re not careful, we’ll fall right back into routine. Remember our scattered footsteps on our child’s first few days of kindergarten, scampering about in the morning packing lunches and finding socks, weaving in and out of new traffic patterns figuring out the best routes for school drop off/pick up. Harried and crazy, yes, but never a dull moment! Definitely embrace the rest, the little breather that you get in between baby naps, carpools and after school activities, but let’s not get complacent in what used to be new and now just settle for routine. The Spirit is moving even when things get familiar again. Remember to look around for the mom holed up in the grocery store bathroom with her nursing baby and potty-training toddler, the mom on the side of the highway with hazard lights flashing and a screaming infant in the backseat. There are new connections we have the opportunity to engage in right in the midst of our old routine. So, keep your eyes open. New things await us!


Jinny + The MOPS Magazine Team

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Have You Seen This?

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Loving these sweet little ones!


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This Is Motherhood

Don’t forget to tune into the season two premiere of This Is Us on NBC, tonight at 9/8 p.m. central!


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With love,

The MOPS Magazine Team